La Vuelta al Mundo Hispano – Level 2



About La Vuelta al Mundo Hispano
You have in your hands, book one of four of La Vuelta al Mundo Hispano. In book one, we will travel throughout Spain to better know their customs and cast of characters. La Vuelta al Mundo Hispano is the story of five students from different Spanish-speaking countries who, through their adventures, guide us in our own learning about Spanish-speaking cultural traditions and language.
This book is designed for Spanish level one classes, and is the start of a four-book series designed as a curriculum supplement to support levels 1-4 in any existing curriculum. The tasks and language in level 1 of La Vuelta al Mundo Hispano are designed with ACTFL proficiency levels in mind, and align with ACTFL NOVICE MID (N2-N4) goals and skills. Students at this level are described as being able to identify a number of highly contextualized words and phrases, including cognates and borrowed words but rarely understand material that exceeds a single phrase. Level one students from any environment should feel comfortable and confident navigating this text, both with and without direct assistance from an instructor.

Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .25 in